People's Daily: last year, over seven percent of medical staff have been beaten

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Shanghai Xu Jing Town Health Center Community Service Center elderly care ward, a nurse in the 95-year-old elderly pruning nails. Xu Haifeng surging data Recently, China has repeatedly occurred more violent injury medical incident. Frequent medical disputes, to the doctor-patient relationship cast a shadow. From today, we launched the "listen to the doctor's mind" series of reports, the reporter interviewed the Chengdu, Xi'an, Beijing and other places of the first line of doctors, through the doctor about the bitter and tired, reflecting the real practitioners of our practice situation, hoping to let the public Into the doctor's inner world, increase the trust and understanding between doctors and patients to promote the construction of harmonious relationship between doctors and patients. - the editor of the doctor became a frightened physician practitioners in the personal safety and dignity of human dignity can not be guaranteed. Cured, the doctor is a white angel, a little bit of an accident, the doctor has become the object of discharge Chengdu, Sichuan Province, the third people of the heart of the hospital physician Zhang Zhen, medical seven or eight, not been played, not cut off, but from the medical Violence is close at hand. He said that Cory had a gentle female doctor, the attitude of the patient super good, before every day smiling, and now was entangled quickly collapsed. The doctor received a patient with a pacemaker, surgery is very smooth, recovery is also very good, but the patient always said after the pacemaker installed a variety of uncomfortable, repeated check but no exception. The patient came to the department on time every day, looking for a female doctor to discuss the law, and threatened to open a hole in her head Female doctor was scared to cry, work God do not leave, for fear that the patient came to her trouble. Department of special arrangements for female doctors leave, but also with a high-voltage electric stick, for contingencies. After a long time, Zhang Zhen received a threatening phone, said he offended the people, someone to interrupt him one leg. Subsequently, many doctors have received a similar phone, it was scared panic can not be all day, simply became a frightened. Zhang Zhen said: "In some patients view, to you here to see the disease, do the surgery, just like buying a car, you want a lifetime warranty, and still free." Last December, the Northwest Women and Children Hospital Medical Director Pan Kaili admits a child and arranges his admission. Medical care staff carefully care, so that the operation of the child's father was very touched, he gave health care workers each sent a rose. The next day, children in the ward were admitted to other patients, children happened to have mild diarrhea symptoms. The father of the child is considered to be infected with other children in the ward, insisted to swap the ward. Let Pan Kaili did not expect is that the father of the child into the ward of the other children pulled into the corridor of the parents hit a meal. He pointed to the nose of the medical staff threatened: "do not give the child to swap the ward, you doctors and nurses, one by no have good fruit to eat!" "At that time we are scared, and quickly changed to a single room for him. Up, Pan Kaili shook his head. She said: "Well, the doctor is a white angel, a little bit of an accident, the doctor has become the object of resentment of patients." Recently released "Chinese physician practice white paper" shows that medical violence, including language violence and behavioral violence. 59.79% of the medical staff in 2009 were subjected to language violence, 13.07% had been physically injured, and only 27.14% had not experienced violence. According to the physician association survey statistics, physicians suffered injuries increased year by year, physicians generally feel the practice of personal safety and human dignity can not be guaranteed. According to the law to maintain the rights and interests of physicians medical institutions should be confidently for the physician rights, to protect the doctor a good practice environment, reduce the incidence of medical injuries, but also for patients to create a more orderly medical environment Northwest Women and Children Hospital Heart Center Director Gao Hong, once for a 3 Age of children with heart disease. The disease is very complex, surgery from 9 am to 6 pm, and finally still failed to save the child's life. As the preoperative parents have explained the complexity of the disease and the risk of surgery, parents are psychologically prepared. After the two days, the patient's family with more than 10 people came to the hospital, the high-hong's legs clinging, crying day to cry, let the children's parents said to him: "Thank you high doctor, you are hard." After two days, He gave them back to the baby. Gao Hong proposed that since the patient's family objected to the formal procedures to identify, to see if there are problems with surgery, but the proposal was rejected by their families. Patient family members to the hospital trouble, to the hospital to exert pressure, that is, for economic considerations. In order to avoid the normal work order of the hospital was disturbed, the hospital had to lose money. Gao Hong believes that individual patients to the medical staff to exert language, behavioral violence, just bargaining means. "Women and Children Hospital is a high-risk specialist hospital." Northwest Women and Children Hospital, said Wang Anping, vice president, after the occurrence of medical disputes, frontline health care workers and hospital managers are patients and their families abuse or even beat the object. Once, when he answered the patient's family questions, the family suddenly stood up and attacked the department director, punched his nose was interrupted. There is an old lady does not fight no trouble, lying in the doctor's office door does not go. Dealing with such medical disputes, sometimes up to several months. Chinese Medical Association survey results show that the pressure from the physician, the medical disputes, patients with high expectations and injury medical events. Among them, the patient's expectations are too high accounted for 72.71%, injury cases accounted for 69.6%. Doctors do not want their children to apply for medical institutions, in 2014 do not want their children to the doctor's ratio as high as 64.48%, which further confirms the physician is not satisfied with the practice environment, and thus affect the evaluation of professional achievement of the Chinese Medical Association research Data show that the occurrence of injury incident, the hospital to take care regardless of non-interest and no representation of the accounted for 41.86%. 78.87% of the medical staff that the hospital should provide personal safety protection for doctors; 70.86% of the medical staff that the hospital should provide relevant legal support for doctors; 50.90% of the medical staff that the hospital should pay the doctor for medical expenses. Chinese Medical Association, Professor Deng Liqiang pointed out that medical institutions as a physician practice place, in the law have the obligation to protect the physician, if the occurrence of injury events, medical institutions should be confidently for the physician rights to safeguard the dignity of the law and the physician's Legitimate rights and interests. Medical institutions have a direct legal obligation for the safety and security of doctors in the course of practicing. Hope that the hospital managers to strengthen the construction of safe hospitals to reduce the incidence of injury to the doctor, and strive for doctors to create a better practice environment, but also for patients to create a more orderly medical environment. Chinese Medical Association President Zhang Yanling called on the medical violence "zero tolerance", the judiciary on the wounded criminals must be strict, from the fast, severely punished. In order to curb the spread of violent injuries continue to spread, the June 24 review of the "Criminal Law Amendment (Nine) draft for the first time" medical trouble "included in the scope of the amendment Doctor-patient conflict is not no solution to improve the relationship between doctors and patients, Is the fundamental way out. The implementation of graded diagnosis and treatment, the patient left at the grassroots level, as soon as possible the end of the big hospital "wartime state" for some time, Zhang Zhen chat with strangers, simply can not say that he is a doctor. Because an opening, people's eyes are not respected, in addition to a symbolic to ask a few medical things, the other is to verify red envelopes, rebates and whether profits and so on. Zhang Zhen is not without sigh that in the eyes of others, the doctor is no longer so noble to imagine, or even dirty, despicable. In Zhang Zhen view, to solve the contradiction between doctors and patients is a long process. Wounded medical incidents, is a microcosm of social contradictions intensified, violence can not solve the contradiction between doctors and patients. The improvement of doctor-patient relationship requires the improvement of all the people's quality and legal consciousness, and the trust and understanding of both doctors and patients. Zhang Zhen said that the patient is difficult to imagine a doctor's work intensity, it is difficult to imagine how much they have to bear the pressure and risk. Behind the imagination, the doctor is the hands of the scalpel for the countless patients to lift the pain, overtime, stay up all night, give up countless times and family reunion opportunities. To strengthen communication between doctors and patients, to promote empathy, is an important way to establish a harmonious relationship between doctors and patients. Zhang Zhen had received a myocardial infarction patients, and actively rescued more than two hours, still did not save over. After the death of the patient, his son came, he did not believe his father had died, the mood was very excited. The doctor repeatedly told him to go through his father for death procedures, he refused, and said to wait for his brother from the northwest rushed over. Afterwards, the doctors and their families had a careful explanation and communication, and they finally had no objection to death. Hospitals and doctors under great pressure, in exchange for the patient's respect and trust. Wang Anping frankly, many people expect the hospital is very high, that as long as the hospital should be cured, the hospital is the safe, but from the medical terms, there are many unturable diseases. He believes that the contradiction between doctors and patients pimple knot more tight, the more the more loose solution. First of all, the need to strengthen the positive guidance, so that the community feel the positive energy of medical workers. The media should do a good job of scientific knowledge science publicity, improve public health literacy. At the same time, the medical industry also needs to strengthen professional ethics and win public trust. Pan Kaili that the relationship between doctors and patients is not no solution to the equation, deepen the medical reform is the fundamental way out. In many large hospitals, patients because of waiting time is too long, the mood is easy to impatience, wait for the sick immediately, always think the doctor is not in place, do not understand the doctor's pay, and even add to the doctor's evil, fist opposite. To solve this problem, the need to implement the classification of treatment, the patient left at the grassroots level, as soon as possible the end of the hospital "wartime state", to solve the doctor-patient contradictions to provide institutionalized way out. (The original title "violence, so that doctors are very hurt (focus? Listen to the doctor heart (on)".)

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