Men spend nearly ten thousand bride price after marriage found that the woman has been a grandmother

Bai Moufang and Mr. Wu side of the matchmaker said no need
Said that the marriage of children, ah, that is the parents of the heart of the event, living in Zhuzhou Tianyuan District Sanmen Town, Ms. Tang, in order to have the founder of the year to find the son of the year, but it was painstakingly, to the end, here daughter Not fishing, but also lost more than forty thousand dollars, how is this one thing? Ms. Tang's son, Mr. Wu has been thirty years old this year, has been no girlfriend, Ms. Tang is looking in the eyes, anxious in the heart. This year in May, Mr. Wu's uncle because of a chance, at the table know a matchmaker, that is, you can take Mr. Wu to Yunnan, and to ensure that Mr. Wu to find the object. You also do not say that the matchmaker really found a girl white one. Matchmaker only arranged for the two sides met once, asked Mr. Wu is satisfied, because the woman was makeup, plus the evening, Mr. Wu also feel okay. Mr. Wu made a look at the next look at a white ID card, and then pay the sixty-six of the color gift money, white side and Mr. Wu side of the matchmaker said no need. After paying the prize money, Mr. Wu look at the identity card, found that the other turned out to be 1977, than their big nearly ten years old. Mr. Wu would like to go back ah, but the other side of the matchmaker is very clear refused Mr. Wu, said the money is not possible. So, Mr. Wu with a white back to the three town, in the three town live for about two months, the white on an excuse to leave Mr. Wu home. Spent nearly ten thousand dollars to marry back to the daughter-in-law, less than two months disappeared, Wu family naturally can not figure out, so he looked around, in the white sister there, they really found a clue. Along the clue, Wu family to find a white and will be brought back to the three town. Wu family of goods on a white inventory, found a white account on the information, it turned out to be married, not only that, Bai's daughter has married, but also gave birth to a child. So it seems that this white are doing grandmother's people. Wu family feel deceived, so wanted to cancel this marriage. Can this color gift money, white one only back fifty thousand, white one said, the other money in the matchmaker there, she took only fifty thousand. Wu family let white wrote a note, accept the fifty thousand dollars, put a white go. Wu family repeatedly found the matchmaker, regardless of Wu family how to negotiate, the matchmaker always insisted that he did not take a penny, money in the white and white side of the matchmaker there. Lawyer Li Guo suggested that Wu family can take the judicial process, to recover the other gift money. At the same time, Li analysis, in this case, as the introduction of the party's matchmaker, should be on the woman's family situation, and personal circumstances to understand, he concealed the true marital status of the woman, but also charged the victim's huge bride price Money, this behavior is suspected of fraud. At the same time, the woman in knowing that they have a marriage under the premise, but also together with others, accept the victim's gift, she can be considered accomplice.

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